Welcome to Seattle Shaolin Kung Fu Academy

Seattle Shaolin Kung Fu Academy looks forward to share "Authentic" Shaolin Kung Fu techniques and wellness exercises with community in the United States. We offer traditional Shaolin Kungfu classes and programs to people of all backgrounds, faiths, ages and athletic abilities. Students may come here for physical conditioning, weight loss, discipline training, confidence building, self defense learning, personal growth and well-being.


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Shaolin Tong Bi Fist

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Pushing SUV with Spear

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Shaolin Lian Huan Fist

Shaolin Soft Fist (Rouquan)

Songshan Shaolin Temple

shaolin temple

Shaolin Temple is situated at Shaoshi Mountain in the west of Songshan Mountain ranges, in Dengfeng City, Henan Province.

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Shaolin Kungfu

shaolin kung fu

Shaolin Kungfu refers to the traditional cultural system that has formed in the particular Buddhist cultural environment in Shaolin Temple of Songshan Mountain over long history.

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Shaolin Chan

shaolin chan

Chan is short for Chan-na, which was originally transliterated from Indian Dhyana and translated as meditative state, and it is also known as Zen.

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